Annapurna Panorama Trekking

Annapurna Panorama trekkingThe region of Pokhara in Nepal brings lots of opportunity for the short treks starting from few hours to a week. There are so many short treks which begins and end at Pokhara. You can reach to the starting destinations by the bus or by a taxi. Annapurna Panorama trek suits to those people who have very less time time but they want to experience a lot in the time they have with them.


Day 1 - Naya Pul to Tikhedhunga 
Day 2 - Tikhedhunga to Ghorapani 
Day 3 - Ghorapani to Tadapani 
Day 4 - Tadapani to Ghandruk 
Day 5 - Ghandruk to Tolka 
Day 6 - Tolka to Phedi

The best time to do this trekking is from October to May.

trekking features

  • Camping Trek
  • teahouse / lodge trek
  • Length < 7 days
  • Maximum Altitude >2000m and <3000m
  • Difficulty - Easy

Annapurna Panorama Trekking details

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