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pashupatinathPashupatinath is the most important Hindu temple in the country. It stands on the bank of the holy river, the Bagmati. It is situated near the Tribhuwan International Airport. It is the most important Lord Shiva’s temple on the Indian subcontinent and draw saddhus and devotees from all over India. As the guide of both animals and humans, Pashupati shows Shiva’s most pleasing and artistic side. Pashupati has a special concern for Nepal. Therefore, the former king always used to pay a visit at the temple for blessings of Shiva before commencing an important journey. The temples dates from 19th century but the bull in front of the temple is 300 years old.
Though only Hindus are allowed to go inside the temple, you can have a look at the temple from the view point which gives you the opportunity to look at the cremation and the worshipping. Pashupati is busiest Hindu temple in Nepal. The busiest days are Maha Shivaratri, which is a celebration of Lord Shiva’s birthday. Pilgrims from all over Nepal and India come to Pashupati to celebrate this festival. The most convenient way to reach Pashupati is by taxi, or by bicycle ride or just 45 minutes walk from Thamel, Kathmandu.

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