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30° 45' 4.6008" N, 71° 0' 56.25" E

Pakistan is a country in Southern Asia that lies on the Indian sub-continent. The capital is Islamabad. Pakistan borders to India, Iran, China, Afghanistan and to the Arab sea.
The country has approximately 165 millions inhabitants and therewith the country is one of the largest countries measured to population number. The major part of these inhabitants is Moslem. To the independence in 1947 together with India and Bangladesh, Pakistan was part of Brits-Indië. After a civil war Eastern-Pakistan (Bangladesh) split off themselves.
The Himalaya mountain range runs through the north of Pakistan and here one finds among other high mountains the K2, one of the highest mounts of the world. In this part of the country one can make splendid trekking excursions.

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