Torres del Paine - the "W" Circuit / W trail


47° 2' 24.6552" S, 73° 49' 41.25" W

Come trekking in Chile's famous Torres del Paine National Park, and experience one of the most spectacular trekking destinations in the world. The granite massif's of Torres del Paine will leave you breathless as you witness the spellbinding beauty of these peaks from the numerous trails and vantage points. The famous "W" circuit trek lets you experience the best of Torres del Paine trekking, all from the comforts our our Patagonia Eco Camp and mountain side inns. Every year thousands of hikers enjoy the spectacular landscape and the abundant wildlife at the southern tip of the continent. Trekkers who prefer solitude and the silence of nature should look for less traveled trails or consider coming during low season. Chile rarely offers the possibility of trekking from shelter to shelter, which is why it is described here the tour in the southern part of the National Park known as “W-trail”. During high season, it is a good idea to book lodge nights in advance. The starting point is the Torres shelter at the Laguna Amarga park entrance (between the Lago Sarmiento and Laguna Azul entrances), which can be reached easily from Puerto Natales. All the trails in the park are very well marked and it is almost impossible to get lost with a trekking map of the park.

Day 1: Mirador and the Torres, 7-8 hours
The view of the Torres must be one of the most beautiful views in the country. If you take the short descent to the edge of the Laguna, you will be able to take some amazing pictures.

Day 2: Cuernos shelter, 5 hours
This is a relatively short trail that zigzags slightly uphill and downhill with some steep ascents. Condors can be observed frequently on this trail. The Cuernos shelter is somewhat smaller than the Torres shelter.

Day 3: Pehoe shelter, 7-8 hours
Arrive at Campo Italiano after 2:15 hours on the trail. This is where we start climbing along the marked trail up to the look-out point. On the way we can hear the ice break off the French Glacier, further up we can even watch it. Back at Campo Italiano we take a little break and then carry on to the Pehoe shelter.

Day 4: Grey shelter, 4-5 hours
This trail offers many opportunities for photos. As usual, the path is easy to find. One minute before reaching the Grey shelter, we turn right at the turn-off to get to the look-out point above the glacier. It is recommended to take an extra day to explore the glacier from the Grey shelter, by simply taking the trail to the next camp. Right next to the shelter there is a docking ramp where boats leave for the south side of the lake. From there, you can get a bus back to Puerto Natales.

trekking features

  • Camping and/or teahouse/lodge trek
  • Length < 7 days
  • Maximum Altitude >3000m and <4000m
  • Difficulty - Medium

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