Sierra de los filabres


37° 0' 46.6308" N, 2° 15' 9.3924" W

The journeys between the points of interest mentioned below can be done both as car journey or hiking tour. The best option might be a mixture. We indicate the main spots of interest, around where you can find interesting walks and places to stay.
Olula de Castro: White town of survival and family subsistence economy. Parish Church of San Sebastián. Archaeological sites, remnants of Rock Art in the Garden of the Moro.
Castro de los Filabres (From Olula De Castro you must go back and get down at Tabernas). Architecture of humble materials: slabs of slate perfectly fit. Remains of Arabic citadel.
Velefique: Pueblo typical white neighborhoods, the remains of the citadel built by exploiting Arabic defense materials hill-Vigía Torre, Church of St. Mary.
Find here a hotel for the night.
Uleila field: white houses covered with tiles, it seems Spanish. Monteagudo step and the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Cabeza. Cueva de la Mora (Neolithic), Parish Church.
Códbar: Pueblo white streets almost parallel, forming a clipped array. Its plains are irrigated with water from five sources manan Cerro de Los marmoreal Calar. The Blacksmith (Alcazaba other Arabic).
Albánchez profile elongated, surrounded by gentle hills covered in a uniform manner, by extensive albaidares. Orange and pear orchards. Roman aqueduct. Ermita de San Roque, s. XII.
Sand: Typical village of Filabres, with its architecture and mastery of the medium. Huertas and nearby quarries. Archaeological sites, El Castillo, El Palomar, Piedras Serradura and the Cueva del Moro.
Chercos: A small street in slope, narrow and irregular. His best monument "Chercos old" and an Arab castle.
Alcudia de Monteagudo: white houses and red roofs guess a new change of scenery. Archaeological sites. Ruins Medal, s. XII-XV (Nasrid). Church of the Rosary Parish, s.VI-VII. Tahal: In the middle of a mountain valley at reaching numerous gullies. Old Berber capital. Castillo Arabic perfectly preserved. Starting point for excursions. Archaeological sites, culture Argar, Neolithic and Bronze Age.
Senese: hidden between hills, look to the south and west. Streets full of character. Remains of Arabic citadel.

trekking features

  • teahouse / lodge trek
  • Length < 7 days
  • Maximum Altitude >2000m and <3000m
  • Difficulty - Medium

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